Mission Statement

As a company, we believe in digital health for everyone everywhere. We have created a new category of therapeutic product – the digital health feedback system – to allow people of all ages and cultures to power their own health, taking better care of themselves and each other.

We see two trends: First, there are more people with mobile phones than there are with access to clean, running water. Second, chronic, often lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes are the world’s biggest healthcare problem, and our health systems can’t cope because they are optimized to treat the acute conditions prevalent decades ago.

Our vision is to integrate medicines that treat chronic conditions with mobile technology – via our ingestible sensor – to make healthcare more accessible, manageable and innovative. We believe that by providing the right technology to individuals who deliver and receive healthcare, we can build a more effective healthcare system with new care paradigms focused on daily care and new information-based business models.

Our manifesto:

  • We enable families to develop and sustain healthy habits
  • We help clinicians provide the best care possible
  • We are committed to helping everyone – rich, poor, old, young, near and far
  • We support communities committed to staying healthy
  • We deliver products that delight the customers we serve