Digital Health Feedback System


Our digital health feedback system is powered by you. It includes wearable and ingestible sensors that work together to gather information about medication-taking, activity and rest patterns. By capturing objective information and providing actionable insights, you can take control, communicate with caregivers and clinicians, and stay well.


How The Platform Works

  • The ingestible sensor is technology you swallow. It’s made entirely of ingredients found in food and activated upon ingestion. You take it alongside your medications, capturing the exact time of ingestion.

  • Your body powers the ingestible sensor. With no battery and no antenna, your stomach fluids complete the power source and your body transmits the unique number generated by the sensor.

  • The patch, body-worn and disposable, captures and relays your body’s physiologic responses and behaviors. It receives information from the ingestible sensor, detects heart rate, activity, and rest, and sends information to your mobile device.

  • Using a Bluetooth-enabled device – like the one you already carry in your pocket or purse – you can access secure applications that display your data in context and support care in a variety of different ways.

Our system received European regulatory approval (CE Mark) in August 2010. Our sensor technology received U.S. FDA market clearance as a medical device for co-ingested applications in July 2012.