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13 February, 2018

Executive Chairman of Anthem Inc., Joseph Swedish, Joins the Board of Proteus Digital Health™

Proteus Digital Health™ announced today that Joseph Swedish, the Executive Chairman of Anthem Inc., (NYSE ANTM) has joined its Board of Directors.

Anthem, Inc. is the nation’s leading health benefits provider. Mr. Swedish was named Anthem’s President and Chief Executive Officer in March 2013 and was appointed to the additional role of Chairman of the Board in December 2015. He became Executive Chairman in 2018.

He has more than two decades of healthcare leadership experience as the CEO for several major health systems and has been at the forefront of the industry’s efforts to utilize advances in information technology for electronic health records, data analytics, provider enablement tools and consumer solutions. Mr. Swedish holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master’s degree in health administration from Duke University.

“Proteus has created a compelling solution to a problem that has plagued the pharmaceutical industry for decades: achieving outcomes in the real world that match those in clinical trials,” said Mr. Swedish. “Digital Medicines accurately measure medication ingestion and key health metrics. They present an opportunity for companies to engage in value-based contracts, where reimbursement for the drug is tied to a measured outcome.”

Mr. Swedish’s other board affiliations include: CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions to business, government, education, and health care; and IBM, one of the world’s largest technology companies with businesses in computer hardware, middleware and software, data hosting and consulting services.

Andrew Thompson, Proteus Digital Health co-founder and Chief Executive Officer commented: “We have demonstrated widespread patient acceptance of Digital Medicines and successfully integrated them into physician workflows, improving outcomes. Our next challenge is to show that Digital Medicines enable value-based contracting, wider patient access and a more sustainable pharmaceutical industry business model that aligns the interests of innovators, patients and payers. No one is more qualified to help us succeed with this final innovation step than Joe Swedish.”

About Proteus Digital Health™

In November 2017, the FDA approved the first New Drug Application (NDA) for a Digital Medicine: Otsuka’s Abilify Mycite ®. This approval opens a new path for innovation in the pharmaceutical industry based on silicon and software. Proteus Digital Health created the technology that enables Digital Medicines.

These offerings include widely used drugs, formulated so they communicate when they have been swallowed; a wearable patch that detects medicines and captures physiologic response; mobile applications to support patient self-care and physician decision-making; and data analytics to serve the needs of health system managers.

Digital Medicines are in commercial use in the United States. Data from both randomized clinical trials and real-world use demonstrate that patients have significantly improved outcomes using Digital Medicines (for example control of blood pressure) and that these outcomes can be sustained.

Proteus Digital Health is privately held by investors that include Carlyle, Essex Woodlands, Kaiser Permanente®, Medtronic®, Novartis®, Otsuka®, Oracle®, and ON Semiconductor®. Further information is available at: Connect with us on Twitter @ProteusDH.


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